Sunday, May 1, 2011

Starz Camelot

Starz seems to be competing with Showtime with their new series Camelot. This series follows a some-what popular season of Spartacus, gory and sensationalized view of the life during the gladiator times of Italy. Though I hate to admit it, I enjoyed watching Spartacus and was somewhat unsure I would like Camelot.
I've watched most episodes, and I'm not very impressed. The dialogues leave much to be desired and overall, most actors are over-acting in my opinion. Perhaps the best character (which sadly is no longer Merlin as he has a withdrawal) is the evil 'witch' Morgan. She plays some of the stereotypes attributed to Druids of that time but sheds a negative, black magic light to them.
The series is not completely bad, it has excellent scenery of Irish landscape, which makes it worth watching (at least for a short period of time).

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