Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding

A friend of mine made a special "Royal Wedding Diner" which I was very fortunate to attend. At first I was hesitant, as I'm not big on celebrating royalty. Yet I decided this would be a good way to escape the problems I'm facing right now. We got all dressed up and played into the glamour and opulence of royalty. My dear friend had a four course meal, and we celebrated all night sipping champagne and reading poems and limericks about the royal family. It was a great way to enjoy this notorious (or popular) event and celebrate life, with lessons about royalty and commoners.
Some of the deeper discussions centered on the way British commoners may feel about the cost of this luxurious wedding (estimated around 76 million dollars) and the economic problems facing England (and the world) today. I learned that every citizen is required to pay something towards the wedding, but this only pays for the security of the event. I guess this is meant to create a sense of contributing to the wedding. Overall, I can't help but think that this is "circus to the masses," another way to keep us distracted to what really is affecting us today.

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