Sunday, February 6, 2011

David Garrett in Concert

Tonight I went to hear the famous violinist David Garrett in concert. It was very interesting to see the way this innovative, young violinist mixes rock and role with classical sounds, like those produced by the violin. When one thinks of a violinist in concert, one doesn't expect to hear songs by artists like Metallica, Nirvana, and Guns and Roses. Yet Garrett makes this happen in a delightful and inspiring way.
David Garrett was born in Germany, to a famous American ballerina and a successful German attorney and business man. Garrett began playing the violin when he was four and had been playing the classics all through his childhood and teens. At 17 he decided to study in New York and several scholarships as well as money for school by modeling. I think Garrett was rebelling against the classical music style and created a unique genera by mixing the two.
At the concert, Garrett was wearing jeans and unlaced shoes with a dress jacket. In between songs, he tells interesting and funny anecdotes about his life.
Such unique, relaxed style made me think of the way media has impacted younger generations, making it possible for mixture like this one to emerge. The amount of information available through the web enables us to learn about various styles and it allows for new ones to emerge.
It will be interesting to see how this young artist and his music continues evolve overtime, and inevitably his fans will follow.

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  1. Interesting reworking of this instrument by Garrett. Reminds me of a death metal bass clarinet trio I saw in Pomona a few years ago (wish I could remember their name)...