Monday, February 14, 2011

Are all chats the same?

I just completed a synchronous reflection assignment and found myself disappointed with the outcome. It may be because I'm completely new to chatting, or perhaps it is the propensity of humans to use chat rooms as mediums to find mates. I don't know, but I was really hoping to complete this assignment in a site that had members who were discussing intellectual topics which would be fascinating to follow.
I typed "live chat rooms" in the google and found mainly those which center around singles looking to meet others. I then visited NPR and KPFK but could not find any. At one point I found one on CNN that followed the situation in Egypt, but then I realized the chat room was already close.
Does anybody know of any chats that would be more academic? Or do we just have to accept the function of the chat being an extended dating site?

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