Monday, March 7, 2011

The Death of My Facebook?

After more problems than satisfactions, I decided to pull the plug on my Facebook account. This experience is similar to the attempt to quit smoking. People say, "I really want to quit, this is not good for me, it's a waste of my time and money" yet we find ourselves unable to stop. I was wondering if being on Facebook was becoming an addiction. I always told myself, I'm never on Facebook. Then, I started actually counting the time I spent daily and the number of things I was neglecting, just "por metiche" as we say in Spanish. Just driven by the curiosity of what other people are doing or saying. Then, I would also find myself in situations where I talked to some people more than I should, about things I shouldn't, in other words, I would get caught in some "chisme" that caused me more headaches than needed.
Anyway, for now at least, I decided to quit Facebook and apply my free time to homework, and work. I think this blog will help "wean me" off the addiction of social networking.
A dear friend of mine recently took on a pseudo name and changed her Facebook to an gender-neutral name and kept only thirty something from hundreds of friends. This really got me thinking about the meaning of social networking and meaningful relationships. I decided I'm not ready to do this, as it may be hard for me to pick just a few friends (I'm so darn indecisive) and would feel bad. So for now, I would really like to get your views on this. Many of my Facebook friends read this blog, so please let me know what you think.

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